Rugged Class Waterfalls & Pools
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Rugged Class Awards & Education

1998 American Academy of Achievement Awards Ceremony
Feature Waterfall Creation, Jackson Hole, WY
1997 Northwest Flower & Garden Show
Gold Medal- Natural Landscape Design
Gold Medal - Natural Water Feature Creation
1995 Bainbridge Island Tour
Blue Ribbon - Bayhill Farms, Bainbridge Island, WA
1980 - 1996 Kitsap Home & Garden Show
Best of Show (16 Consecutive Years)

Courses completed through Genesis 3 Design School:

  • Watershape Construction and Hydraulics Elements of Design
  • Design Communications
  • Perspective Drawings
  • Courses completed through Structure Studios:
  • Watershape Design
  • Three Dimensional Design Technology
  • Elevation and Hydraulics
  • Negative Edge Design
  • Three Dimensional Presentation
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