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About Us

 About Rugged Class

Rugged Class Waterfalls and Pools is a design and watershape company located in Yakima, Washington. We are set apart by our commitment to quality and creativity in every aspect of our work. We were founded by Robin Rodgers in 1997, and we provide our clients with the most experienced professionals available. Robin is a true craftsmen of luxury pools, and our dedication to creating stunning outdoor environments shines through in every project we work on.


About Robin

He is considered one of the most creative designers of outdoor environments in the Pacific Northwest. Robin brings imagination, style, and savvy to each client’s site. Rugged Class’ passion for detail is like none other, and this dedication has been rewarded by the many awards we have received. We have also been awarded with multiple articles in industry publications, as you can see here.

Robin is a graduate of Genesis 3 Design school and has completed courses in:

  • Watershape Construction and Hydraulics Elements of Design
  • Design Communications
  • Perspective Drawings

He has also studied at Structure Studios, where he learned:

  • Watershape Design
  • Three Dimensional Design Technology
  • Elevation and Hydraulics
  • Negative Edge Design
  • Three Dimensional Presentation